Our Facilities

Our new renovated buildingkakaotalk_20160321_142409374

Admission Room, Dolphin Classroomkakaotalk_20160930_122106588

Swimming Facilitieskakaotalk_20160930_093509605Our swimming pool is suitable for all children  who wish to participate in our swimming program. Our swimming instructors are there to help toddlers in the water and teach them the basics of swimming, such as holding their breath, diving, flutter kicks, starfish float, sculling water, dog paddle and elementary backstroke.

Play Gymkakaotalk_20160930_093455030


Kids Farmkakaotalk_20160930_122116686Our kiddie’s farm motivates our students to learn about nature. We learn together and analyze how plants and vegetables are grown. Each kid learns how to maintain their own little vegetable garden.

Classroom kakaotalk_20160930_093528656




1475049627783Our classrooms are designed for toddlers to learn in a fun environment. We provide our students with top quality desks and chairs so that they can learn in comfort.

Playroom play room


Kids’ imaginations are unleashed through all manner of “edutainment” opportunities, where both learning and play happen at the same time!

Arts and Crafts Roomkakaotalk_20160930_093447268

Kids tap into their deepest creative impulses, which then come to life through drawing, molding, painting, and whatever other colorful crafts they devise!


As a multilingual Day Care & Kindergarten, we provide books in many different languages for the children reading pleasure and education. During story time, our teachers read students books in different languages.

Toy Block Room kakaotalk_20160930_093513935

Special areas offer creative crafts, construction and transportation toys, cozy lounges, home living imagination play, colorful costumes and props to set the stage for every age!

Sleeping Roomkakaotalk_20160930_093458909

kakaotalk_20160930_093506669Clean and cozy, our sleeping rooms are great!

Cooking Roomkakaotalk_20160930_120445510